Man The LIfeboats; It Looks Like A Memory Leak

I routinely process 24/48 stereo files on Spectralayers, and other programs, that are between 45 mins and 1 hour long. In spite of having 32 GB of RAM installed on my PC, with Spectralayers I’m often seeing 85%+ physical RAM usage per the Windows resource monitor!

WTF? This doesn’t happen with any of my other audio programs. Declicking/denoising with Reaper using Waves plug-ins consumes 10 - 15% of physical RAM at most, even when processing very large files. Why does Spectralayers eat up so much RAM? This is ridiculous!

It’s likely paging memory just in case, depending on your available resources. You can certainly edit 1 hour long files in SL while only have 8GB of RAM for instance.

It certainly is paging memory! And how! I don’t understand why my other editing programs don’t have to do this, but Spectralayers does.

The spectral display needs to be refreshed each time you zoom or scroll, and to make it transparent to users SL needs to have the fastest random access to audio samples - in order to compute the needed spectral data as soon as possible.
So it may indeed buffer much more audio data in advance than conventional audio apps. But it’s scaling depending on what’s available on your system.