Managing divisi (some advanced questions)

This question will refer to the screenshot below. I’m using divisi for the first time and am encountering a few things I can’t fix.

The beginning of my score (page 2) is two staves (sop1/sop2 on top, alto1/alto2 on bottom). Then, right at the top of page 3, both staves split into divisi. Here are my issues:

  1. As you can see, the first note on page 3 (m17) is highlighted. I actually need different music in stave 1 and stave 2, but when I select the first note in stave 1, the first note in stave 2 automatically highlights. How do I unravel this? (The same is true of the 3rd and 4th stave.)

  2. In m18 I see tiny numbers there (1 and 2). I don’t want them. How do I get rid of them? (I tried selecting them and opening the bottom pane, but there was no button to hide them.)

  3. Starting on page 3, the staves now have labels (1/2/1/2). I’d like to rename these to their true voice parts (sop1/sop2/alto1/alto2) but can’t find where to do this. I presume it was done when I first set up divisi, but I can’t seem to get that dialog box back. How do I do that? (I tried going back to galley mode, clicking on various notes around this point, and choosing Staff > Change Divisi, but it never shows me the two divisions that I previously created; it only shows unison.)


P.S. Looking at my score in Galley View, I started the divisi in m18, but due to how the page break is going to affect things, perhaps it would have been better at starting the divisi in m17. Can I change this easily?

user450, if you don’t mind, please post your Dorico project - or the relevant part of it.
That way you will get instant help.

(Screenshots leaves everybody to just guessing…)

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A screenshot with signposts turned on would be much more useful than the current screenshots, but a few of your questions are also solved by turning signposts on and either moving them around (by cutting and pasting them or by Alt-arrowing them in Write mode) or double-clicking them to get back into the divisi dialog - so maybe you’re not aware that there are signposts for various things that you’re currently missing out on.

So: go View > Signposts > Divisi Changes (or whatever they’re called - I’m not at my desk), tick it, and you should see a bunch of nice divisi signposts that are editable. As I already said, you can easily move them left or right, you can double-click on them (or select and then hit Enter) to get back in and change the group names etc.

Thank you @pianoleo – I did not know about signposts and that helped me solve all of these problems at once. Thanks!