Managing KCs between multiple NLEs

Hi All,

I’ve been going back and forth with some ways to mirror my editors’ key commands and mouse wheel behaviors and wanted to see if anyone here has done something similar. What I am trying to do is have mouse wheel actions and common commands be triggered by the same keystrokes.

I just downloaded this program:

This should get the mouse wheel actions to be the same. Going between editors, this has made the most confused and has slowed down my editing because I use mouse wheel with and without modifiers to navigate the project.

The programs I use are:

**Cubase 6.5 pro (hopefully 8.5 or 9 by 2017)
**Protools HD
**Adobe Premier pro cc
Adobe After Effects cc
Sony Vegas Pro (phasing out)
**Davinci Resolve

The programs with the “**” in front of them I use the most. Manually assigning key commands, I can do if that. Just checking if there are easier ways of managing this across all the different software I use. Like a translator that can be programmed for specific software key stroke translation. Make sense?

A “X” keystoke that does crossfade In cubase would be translated only for Premiere Shift+D (apply video transition) and Control+F for Protools.

Ideas, thoughts, experiences?