Managing Steinberg Content

I recently used the Steinberg Library Manager to move content from my C: drive to my D: drive. Seemed to work great. As I’ve dug into my C: drive I’ve found a Steinberg folder in my Download folder. It has a folder titled WIN64 with what appears to be duplicate files. It’s 105 GB space I’d like to recover. Can I just delete the folder?


In the Steinberg Library Manager double-check, there is no Library pointing to your Downloads folder and all libraries sit at the D drive, please.

Then you can delete it.

Its temporary downloads, seems Steinberg keeps the files in its Downloads folder so it can check if you have installed apps/updates. Terrible system, needs a better way to do that, like Native Instruments, but I do hear they’re working on a one stop solution to cover downloads and licensing in one place.

It does have one use though. You can back up those installers and use them in case you don’t have access to the internet. Granted you can’t even use Cubase these days without internet access to register it, but still.