Manipulate Multiple Projects as 1, Render Q & Editor History

My title really should be:

Manipulate Multiple Projects as One, Render Queue & Editor History


Q == Queue;
1 == One;

Ok, enough declaring variables, if you really want to be helpful…

…and I know you do


…let me find all of the projects in a directory, select them all to open them in what I would term a ‘Project Group Editor’, and similar to grouped tracks, let me change channel/group/2bus plugins, settings, etc… for all projects at once.

THEN, how about we could select all of the projects in a directory and render them all in a queue? What a pita is to make super trivial changes to them and then, manually have to rerender everything. Ahem!

History Class: In mixer view, (& Channel Settings), can we have a History that we can go back and forth between saved states, etc… as we make modifications to the mixer, etc…? Not sure sure what effects there might be performance-wise… is this something that currently exists? In addition, in ‘Preferences’ where we select how far back to go back in terms of retaining project history info (xml?): 1 Hour/1 Day/ Forever/etc…

All of these items above are common features we have in the Eclipse IDE, and, to me, I look at DAWs the exact way, in terms of usage.

The last thing I’m going to give you today is that Steinberg should likely consider their own VST marketplace (like Eclipse) to distribute VST plugins, all of the free stuff & commercial ones, and have direct access to shop, download, install and manage through Cubase & Nuendo, etc… similar to if KVR Audio was embedded in Cubase, etc…

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts!


  1. Batch manipulation has been on my ‘Annual Request’ list for over a decade. And obviously, since yer asking, you can see how well that’s worked.

  2. In -general- Cubase stopped working on any sort of ‘programmery’ ideas (Logical Editor, Macros) about a decade ago. IMO it was to compete with PT and more conventional DAWs. But I for one would LOVE genuine scripting… including queued tasks.

  3. The sad thing is that Philippe has always had GREAT batch tools in WL so I kinda expected Cubase to carry that forward. All that’s needed is to pull that into Cubase… and get back on track

But the real issue is this: SB has never shown any interest in the bedrock idea: LOADING MULTIPLE ACTIVE CPRS. Until that can happen, I see no future for any of this stuff. And the -really annoying- thing is that Cubase supports multiple threading (up to 30?) … which makes one wonder WTF Cubase is doing with all them threads if it can’t support multiple active documents.

lol. Well, now there’s two

Indeed. The workflow really needs some sophistication; The GUI is unnecessary for rendering, which is why we’re here in the first place - ‘can I have my mixed audio please?’ scripting workflow aspects would save me much time.

It’s a little unsettling the more obvious functionalities are overlooked; perhaps it’s a ‘grass is greener’ scenario whereas they seem a little preoccupied with trendy, fluffy stuff (garageband?), but what we really need, and what will push market share up, is more sophistication for the power user; we didn’t get here by chance.

EXACTLY! At the end of the day, I don’t need the gui to render audio; I’d like to walk away, as opposed to wasting time staring at progress bars.