Manual condensing change - 2 questions

I attached a little example. Two things, I want to show and ask:

  1. There is a Manual Condensing Change to show Player 1 always as an upstem voice and player 2 as an downstem voice. In bars 10-13 player 2 is divided into two voices. As you can see in the condensed score, no music from player 2 is shown.

  2. The Player names (= numbers) are now written as “1 + 2”. I would prefer, to dispaly them below each other:


Is there a way to change this appearance?
Manual (422 KB)

You can only condense music that is written in a single voice, so you can’t condense the music from player 2 with player 1. Because you’ve forced the condensing, Dorico has no choice but to simply leave out player 2’s music.

You can get closer to the result you’re after with the player numbering if you allow Dorico to number the instruments rather than forcing the names to be numbers yourself. Give each instrument the name of " " and then Dorico will number them 1 to 5 itself. However, you’ll find that Dorico will then produce the result e.g. 1.2 instead of 1 + 2, but I haven’t been able to find a combination of settings that will produce the vertical stack you’re after.

Thank you, Daniel. That is, what I was expecting.

  1. It would be safer, if Dorico would prevent a passage from condensing in this case, palce a signpost, post a warning or something like that. If someone unintentionally writes music into a wrong voice, he/she will loose music without any warning. This can easily be overlooked in a bigger score.

  2. I hope, that you will add an option for this in the future.