Manual Drum Editing (Newb question)

How to move end of event that is under the top one?

Tempo detection is not working for me yet so I am doing it manually. I have recorded drums without a click. Set click to desired tempo and manually cut at transients and moved hits to correct place in whole song (group edit). Now I am setting crossfades.

Bad terminology starts now:

When hit is early and I move to right, I have a gap: easy to move event to left to overlap for easy crossfade. When a hit is late and I move left, it overlaps the previous: I have to move the event on right start point over to get to the tab that moves the overlap from the left event so that I can crossfade without cutting into the next event.

I told ya.

Is there a way to grab the end of the event that is underneath the overlapping one without moving the start of the one that is in the right place? I know I can double click and do it in the editor, but that only does the one track. I need all tracks in the group edit folder to be moved at once.

There has to be something really stupid I am missing here.

Any suggestions here other than reading the manual again or give up?

I just need to get through this until I learn to either get auto quantize to work for me, or just make the friggen drummer play with a click.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have an inconsistent drummer, 9 songs, two weeks to finish, and a whole bunch of better things I could spend time on (like learning how to quantize drums)

Thank you in advance if you can understand what I am trying to ask here.



In the old days (before the quantise panel) the manual way to do it was to cut before the beats then use “Slip Events”

Don’t move the part, hold down Ctrl and Alt and click and drag (slip) the events within the container.

But surly you’d be better off finding the average tempo of the track, putting them into an edit group (Folder) and use Beat Detection (Not Tempo Detection) and then use the quantise panel.

I’ve edited free time drums like this, it’s a lot easier once you get your head round it.

Thank you! I’ll be giving that a shot. Getting my head wrapped around it is definitely what is needed.


Slip events will make your life easier!
As for your original question, yes, you can drag hidden start/ends. Hover the mouse just left/right of the masking event start/end at the bottom of the track and the cursor changes to a double arrow.


Well, I’m not finding ‘Beat Detection’ in the menus nor in the manual. Is there a different term for this in Cubase 6?

Sorry if I seem dumb here. I am very new to drum editing and my attempts to edit tracks that were not created with a click have not been very successful so far.

Thanks for the help guys.

If someone here lives in Denver CO, I would gladly pay you to sit down and educate me. :slight_smile:

Just get used to using the Move to Front key command.

Hit points, in the sample editor.
Lookup page 114 in the manual for quantizing multiple audio tracks.

Thanks all of you! Back at it I am.