Manual enharmonic shift in Keyeditor

Cubase 9’s new function that displays flat(b) in Key editor is very uselful.
However, some note and chord have problems.
For Example, Ckey E7 tension b9 is note F, not E#.

Manual Enharmonic Shift function or customizing the shcema
in Key Editor can solve this problems.

Errm, if my thinking is correct, the 9th, in the key of E, is F#, therefore a flattened 9th is indeed F natural, not E#, surely?

“E#” - wasn’t there a fix for chord tracks regarding this kind of display in 9.0.30?
You got B# instead of C etc.
Is there a display thingy still in Key editor?

Just a remark, not something on your feature request.

Cubase keyeditor can not display altered tension note in secondary dominant and some tension in modal interchange chords.