Manual for Cubase Artist 9

can sections of the new Artist 9 operation manual be printed?? not seeing how on or I can view the manual fine online. sometimes nice to have a printout of some sections while learning/tweaking/
re the section on the Mix Console:
“Listen mode”: I assume in the mixConsole on each channel this is the little speaker icon next to the record mode icon?? it seems to allow hearing effects while recording as the main purpose rather than as explained in the manual.


Speaker button is not Listen mode, this is Monitor button. Listen mode is in the MixConsole the L button.

Monitor button allows you to hear the signal from the input of the Track and ignore already recorded signal (if Monitor is switched On). Or it ignores the signal on the input and plays back the recorded data (if Monitor is switched Off).

There’s a pdf download of the manual which you can print from. I thought the link was on the front of the help site??