Manual grace note spacing

Why can I move the rhythmic positions of the main notes using the square handles, but not the grace note?

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 9.00.30 pm

Try clicking on the circular handle immediately underneath the square handle, then use alt-arrow (left or right) to move the grace note.

You can move a grace note further away from its main note (i.e. leftwards) using Alt+left with the square handle for its column (which will also affect the spacing between the grace note and the main note on all other instruments), but you can’t (typically) move it closer. If you want to move it closer, use the circular handle.

If the issue is that you find the tie too long, there’s an engraving option for this on the Ties page of Engraving Options, Minimum length for ties between grace notes and normal notes.

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Thanks Daniel, that was it exactly!

I tried the circular handle option first, but I think the minimum tie length was somehow interfering with the adjustments? Anyway, changing the tie option also allowed me to make manual adjustments with the circular handle (I still can’t move the grace note closer using the square handle).