Manual incomplete

i ran into this a few times with the Cubase pdf manual: when typing a menu entry and search for that term in the manual i come up blank.
here an example:
type zoom MEM or zoom ZAP into the search= nothing!
same when searching the online help.

whats going on ?
the function exists under the exact terminology and where is the reference?

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They mentioned up front that they weren’t able to complete the manual for the release saying it’s a “work in progress” and will be completed soon.

same happens in Cubase 11 online and pdf manual.

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and for C10.5 and C10…C9…


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And what you witness in the manual “quality” is reflected in the application “quality”.
Many things since years incomplete, buggy or akward. Nobody really cares…

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Eh, the PDF Operation Manual for Cubase 11 is 1210 pages (and this is disregarding Scoring manual, and Plugin reference). It’s quite well written, considering the scope of the application. Maintaining documentation is often harder than writing it, especially when actions are accessible in multiple places.

Posting errors on this forum is a good way of getting them fixed.

As for what Zoom MEM does, it saves your current zoom level to memory. After which Zoom ZAP will change your zoom level to that level (unless current zoom level equals Zoom MEM, at which point it will change to the level it was at previously).


@paka Thanks for the constructive reply and explanation for Zoom MEM.

just to be clear. the problem was not that i couldn’t figure out the zoom zap function. the problem was that the manual is incomplete. and it is not only the zoom zap thats missing. i had previous problems with searching help and pdf for a menu specific item and not being able to find it. i did not pursue it on those occasions so i can’t be more specific.
thanks to youtube tutorials filling the gap!
otherwise cubase 12 is working very well so far!