Manual verification of purchase?

Hi there,
I bought cubase artist earlier today (bout 10 hours ago) with the thought in mind that the offer to upgrade to pro for free (when buying artist) would be available to me. But now it seems im going to have to wait a few days for my purchase to be verified manually, and will miss the sale (ends in a few hours from now) which was my whole reason of purchasing in the first place…??
will i still get the offer to upgrade to pro for free (which was my reason for purchasing, and was true at the time of purchase) or am i going to just have to refund it?

Yes, I think you will still get the Pro version.

I don’t know what “manual verification” you are talking about, but:

  1. This announcement has been made July 31st:

The server error has been addressed and the license server is up and running again. License transactions can be made or resumed. Purchased but not yet activated licenses obtained during the “Buy Artist, Get Pro” sales promotion can continue to be redeemed for several days to come.

  1. Even if you don’t get to activate in time due to technical reasons (or ‘manual verification’), the sales support team is able to help you to get the Pro license, if you bought Artist in time of the promotion. That is stated in the Sales FAQ in the case that the USB-dongle doesn’t arrive in time, and should be applicable also in other legitimate cases.