Manual Voicings for Midi Loops

I am using Cubase 9. I can import midi loops into the project window and then can control piano arpeggios etc using chord tracks.
Is there a way to control the chords and voicings manually, by playing them in form a keyboard in real time?


Yes, this is possible. In the Chord Pads open Remote Control tab. Here you can see what is assigned by default, or you can assign your own MIDI messages.

OK thanks. It’s not working for me yet, but I will play around with it.

I suggest using the “Live Transform” function. In the Track Inspector, find the “Chords” tab and then enable Live Transform. There are several options so experiment with them. Live Transform may not exactly follow your chord voicing, but it often is very close to what is played. This part of the program is a bit tricky, but, often yields interesting results.

  1. Create a chord track with generic chords as close as possible to the ones you want.
  2. Enable Live Transform
  3. Record the Part
  4. Check the results and adjust chords as needed. You may have to disable Live Transform to create your final voicing if you want some unusual tones or tensions included in the voicing.

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