while I did not find the german operations Manual I have to say: BRAVO to the Team, because the english operations Manual is the best ever. Really.

Thank you Steinberg for also improving the Manual, not “only” the Software itself!!!

Cheers, Ernst

Thank you! The operation manuals in the other languages should be ready around end of January/beginning of February.

Hi Ed :slight_smile:

Thank you for the Information. I think your decision to Launch NOW is abolutely right. Waiting for the updated Manuals is no Major Thing.



The Nuendo and Cubase manuals have always been some of the best I’ve seen.

Back when I was still running Sonar, they did a major version release with no user manual. None at all. Naturally, the users were less than thrilled and the company’s response was that they’d get around to it. I started looking at other options after that as it struck me as particularly unprofessional.

I’ve been in the software biz since the late 80s so I know that documentation is something that few take the time to do properly. Kudos to Steinberg for hiring professionals and doing it right.

Hi you, so I see, we have common experiences. I am in this industry (Software Development) since the early 80s and yes, documentation was and is often neglected.

I have always been fine with the cubase Manuals (except for the remote Controllers Manual which simply lack Eucon…).

But now the Quality is even better than it ever has been. Why? Well, in the past the Manual spoke about items on the Screen without showing Pictures. This made things a Little bit hard sometimes. this has changed completly. Really Professional!

Steinberg can be proud and we can be happy.
Btw. I do know, that many “modern” Users do not use the Manual at all. Well. Sigh. Reading can be hard ;o)

Cheers, Ernst

Always good to meet another battle scarred veteran of the industry. I came up on C / DOS and migrated through the MS technologies from C++ up to the latest web dev stuff (which feels like toys compared to native client development).

Most of my career has been as a mercenary, so I’ve seen a lot of shops. Almost no one hires professional tech writers, if in fact they even do documentation in the first place. I was also married to a senior level QA person for years and she forever warped my brain about usability. Don’t get me started on the lack of pro testers in this biz. :slight_smile:

No software is ever perfect, but I’ve been through most all the major DAWs and there’s really a noticiable level of professionalism with Steinberg. I also have CMC controllers and several UR audio interfaces, same pro experience. I thnk the Yamaha hookup was a good call.

A relatively small issue is that the ugrade installer from 7.5 to 8 does not create a documents folder in the start menu of windows 7 64 bt. You can only get to the manual through ‘help’ in cubase or dig for it with explorer

I haven’t looked at the manual yet but in preferences they removed the “help” hopefully temporary. This is important as it explains every preference. I would guess its temporary. Explanation of preferences is important.

Yes, maybe because the localization is not fully ready (see manuals)?
I hope the “help” comes back to its place…