Manually adding a cautionary accidental

How do I manually add a cautionary accidental with parenthesis in front of a note?

You can find it in the bottom panel, with options for hiding and parentheses.

Yes, think of it not so much as an option for a cautionary accidental, but rather simply that you can make any note show its accidental, and you can also set that accidental to appear in parentheses if you wish. As Stephen says, those options are in the Properties panel.

It seems that notes are losing the information to show its accidental when raising there pitch an octave higher or lower. Is this behavior intended?

This is a problem when a flow is using the notation option “Modernist” in accidentals. In Stockhausen’s Zodiac for example the composer is using this rules with the extension that naturals sometimes - for better reading - are shown. I know the workaround to use “Transposing”, there is an option to keep visibility properties. But it wood be better to have this possibility also in quick raising mode.

It is intended, for what it’s worth. When you change the pitch of a note, we reset the ‘Accidental’ property, because a lot of the time you wouldn’t want the same accidental visibility when the note is moved to a new pitch.

Can’t agree, in the case of an octave you shurely want to keep the visibility …

Possibly you’re right in the case of an octave. We’ll give this some more thought.