Manually adjusting note spacing

Hello, everyone,

How can we manually adjust the punctuation? What way would be the most harmonious with Dorico’s philosophy and its engraving engines?

Are you trying to respace notes or punctuation marks?

  • Spacing Gaps (of accidentals and barlines) can be adjusted in Engraving Options > Spacing Gaps.
  • Actual note spacing can be adjusted (for each layout) in the Layout Option’s Note Spacing pulldown menu.

I’m trying to manually adjust a single note (or accidental) beyond its default position as defined by the Engraving Options, as one did in Sibelius by pressing Shift+Alt+arrows. The spacing algorithms yield very, very good results, but there are many instances where a small local tweak will push it to perfection.

Is there an answer to this question? I have to write a note and also change its position to right. The only purpose of this note is to show the real sound of an harmonic (also I have to change the size of the notehead, other thing I wasn’t able to find how to do it).

This kind of tweaking is not implemented yet but should be quite soon, as I read in a post from Daniel last month

I think Daniel and the team made a very good decision not to implement this right at the start, because if you can “fix” every problem by manually tweaking the formatting, that takes away the incentive to build a program where the format doesn’t need any tweaking.

Certainly there are some formatting issues in Dorico that aren’t quite right yet, but IMO it’s already much better on average than the other “professional” notation programs.

I understand you were hyperbolic, and Dorico handles the heavy lifting in an unparalleled way, but there is no such thing as an engraving that needs no tweaking. The philosophy is spot on, but it’s the feedback between the algorithmic and the human that ultimately produces beautiful results. Dorico’s specific workflow has proven to be really pleasant in that respect.

I’m asking because I’ve been away from the forums — as well as from the software, unfortunately — and thus I wasn’t sure what the answer to my question was. I’ll have to think twice if I’ll let the details that concern me slip, because this would be my first commercial edition with Dorico.

We are working on features to allow you to adjust the horizontal spacing at the moment. They won’t be included in the next update, which will include some small improvements but is mostly focused on fixing bugs, but the plan is for them to be included in the following update, which is going to take a little more time as we have a number of features planned for that release.