manually alter the vendor of a VST plugin?

For windows and vst2, there’s my

That looks great and would be great on Mac, but really I feel this should be integrated within Cubase itself.

Of course.

I prefer a solution cross-DAW-wide, to organize once and have it organised in every DAW.

Actually thats true. Any plans on a OSx version of your app? ! :slight_smile:


Owch :frowning:

FYI Site Admin Marcus literally writes: “We are currently investigating how to integrate a VST Plug-In manager/editor in Cubase.”
In this thread

Awesome thanks!

you can easily do it for your vst2 plugs but not vst3

ah ok cool

how do you do for VST 2 plug ins?

I guess he meant moving the plugin .dll’s (.vst2 on OSX?) into a custom folder structure, setting the root folder as plugin folder in cubase and don’t sort plugins by vendor in cubase (in which case the custom folder structure is reflected in cubases plugin menus)

It’s not really “altering the vendor” of a plugin, but another way to sort plugs.

I do NOT recommend moving plugin .dlls (.vst2) files around, as this might lead to plugins not working anymore (as they for example rely on data which gets installed into the install folder along with plugin installation)…

ah yeah I used to do that and yes had problems with plug ins stopping working

ok thanks anyway

I’ve moved the majority of my VST2 plugins into custom folders and never had a problem with any of them not working… worst comes to worst, just re-install a problem plugin into the custom folder and you’re done.

no need for reinstallations, moving dlls and data folders, keep track of x32 and x64 and x32/x64 plugins and jBridge and automap and what not… I simply use my PluginManager :wink:

YES YOU CAN MANUALLY ALTER THE VENDOR OF A VST3 PLUGIN. (i have posted this method previously)

(backup your vst3 plugins files before starting)
1:/ take a note of the name and spelling and punctuation of the vst3 vendor that cubase displays.
2:/ load Winhex.
3:/ load the vst3 plugin into Winhex.
4:/ do a “search” through the data for the vendor name in question.
5:/ it will come up as text in amongst the other cryptic garbage on the screen.
6:/ type the new name you want to call it over the top of the old text name.
7:/ save.
8:/ pester Steinberg to make a vst3 plugin manager in Cubase asap so you dont have to resort to “hacking” vst3 plugins just to get this job done.

As a side note, i have gone thru all my vst3 plugins and changed the names of the vendors completely in this manner to names that i want the plugin to list in my own custom vst3 lists. ie. instead of the plugin manufacturer “Brainworkx” i call the vendor “EQs” …and set Cubase to list vst3s “by vendor” and then i finally have a nice list of all my EQ plugins together. Repeate for “Compressors” “Reverbs” etc.

i hope Steinberg helps us soon with this so it can be done without this kind of necessary rubbish.


Is there an OSx program equivalent to WinHex ?

Although to be honest I will just wait for the Steinberg option as it sounds like its in development.

TabSel !! please take the post above about Winhex and make a vst3 plugin manager that does this more elegantly! you are very talented. i am sure you would be able to sell such a plugin manager.

being able to edit frozen parts has been “in development” since Cubase 4. i would not hold your breath with anything time-wise that Steinberg says. although i do hope they prove me wrong and in this case it is soon


I do NOT recommend changing a plugins vendor, be it VST2 or VST3. I do not recommend altering the .vst3 binary AT ALL. It might break copy protection logic, it might break stability or performance…

I’ll dig into the VST3 SDK and get to know about wether it was possible to alter category tags, or even specify custom tags…

BTW, I thread about all this in the old cubase forum, where you participated:

more than 3 years old :wink: So I won’t hold my breath for a native Plugin Manager…