Manually "gate" on live drums

Hi, I like to manually “gate” live drums when mixing for better control over the snare and kick.
I know how to create events from the Sample Editor
Does anyone know if there’s some fast way to cut the length of each event I selected?:
Let’s say I created events for each snare hit through the sample editor, now I want to have exactly 200ms of event for each hit, and delete the rest of the event until the next hit, is there a possibility to do that automatically?
Right now I’m doing it one by one and it’s awful
I am adding a picture of what I’m tring to do:

thank you!

So you have a bunch of Audio Events that you would like to set to be the same Length?

The easiest way would be to use the Info Line to set the Length.

  1. Select all of the Audio Events you want to change
  2. The Info Line will show you the values for the first Selected Event.
  3. On the Info Line enter the value you want into the Length
  4. Then finish changing the value by using Ctrl+Enter which will force all the Selected Events to the same absolute value. A plain Enter will change all the values relative to their current value.

Oh, thank you!
meanwhile, I was messing with the logical editor and found a way -

but this is much easier - thanks!