Manuals Halionsonic 2 and Halion 5

I upgraded from Halion 4 to Halion 5, but get also Halionsonic2
Than i do have now a extensive manual for Halionsonic2 what can opened on my computer
Halion5 manual can not be opened on my computer directly ? …and HALion5 is also not directly to open in the program menu of my computer.

So i don’t have a manual of HALion5 it seems where are new features are described ( user phrases and so on )
There is a another manual to find when i extracted the downloaded zip form the Halion5 update, but inthere is probabaly not a extensive manual like as for Halionsonic2
User phrases handling are described in manual for Halionsonic 2
So where is the complete manual for HALion5 ?

So it looks like messy now th einstallation … I like to have the 2 standalone Halionsonic2 and Halion5 with their own manuals to open directly on my computer
What went wrong here ?.. i am forced now to do a reinstall …grrrr

I purchased the HALion 4 to 5 upgrade. After mounting the installation image, there is a folder with extra content, including Documentation. Inside this documentation folder, is the HALion 5 PDF manual. Though I didn’t find a HALion Sonic 2 manual there.

Thanks !

The documentation can be accessed from within H5 Help->Documentation