Manuals - inconsistent naming of midi clip, parts, events

clip-part-event seems to be the same thing many times - usually called clip or item in other daws.

part can be a just recorded clip, or a number of clips.

Event can refer to clip as such, or a single midi controller entry like program patch select etc.

I think a cleaning up of this will avoid a lot of confusion reading manuals.

Naming I got used to or would prefer:

Midi event - single note on/offs, controllers, realtime midi, clocks etc - these are the highest resolution stuff
Midi clip - a container for a series of midi events, often from a single take recording
Midi part - a container of midi clips
Midi track - a container for midi parts

or any other way - just that it is consistent all the way through.


I don´t think the Cubase manual mentions “MIDI clips” at all - feel free to prove me wrong by quoting the page…
Cubase knows MIDI events, and MIDI parts.

You are right, it’s for audio and video “clips” occur - and clip-part-event may refer to audio as stated above.
But Midi events can be both a clip and the actual controller or program change stuff in there.

And it’s still the same mosh with clips and events of audio and video.

So request is extended for audio stuff as well.

I think they started out using events for midi and clip for audio, but became inconsistent over time, it seems.

If a recorded part(take) should be named something - it’s good if it’s the same all over.

StudioOne is a little bit more clear on this. They refer to audio in the pool as a clip. And this clip can be many events on different tracks. Midi are instrument Parts or Performance data but also explained that Event will be used through the manual with same meaning as audio Event.

Thanks, my request is probably a little more clear adding this.
Maybe it’s just me scratching my head over this …

The hierarchy on the project page, for example, is different for audio and midi, but it’s quite clear.

MIDI: Track>Part
Audio: Track>Event, and events can be combined into Parts

Cubase is not required to follow the conventions of other programs– and you’ll get farther with Cubase if you learn the ins and outs and the nomenclature in use here. So yes, it is just you scratching your head over this.

I’ll move this to General, since this thread is not really a feature request.

I taste blood here, mentioning StudioOne - I’ll keep that in mind.

Otherwise, point taken. You cannot use this manual targeting specifics, it needs to be read front to back.

Thank you.

People talk about other programs all the time, no issue there.

Cubase’s nomenclature goes back 20 years. Most of the terms carry the same meaning as they always did, which is a good thing from a backwards compatibility standpoint. (One change they did make was to rename the Project view., It used to be the Arrange view, and people continue to use the old term 15 years later)

You do have to know what words to search for in the manual, or you could read it, :wink: rather than using it as a reference- it’s really set up more for reading the chapters.

You can also use google to search this forum using

I ran Steinberg ST on Atari, but haven’t used Steinberg until now. Don’t remember specifics about it.
Cakewalk Pro 3.0 1989 took over - and their naming of midi events and clips stayed with me.
Reaper calls midi data - events and events list is Cubase List Editor.

so looking in Cubase List Editor what do they call midi data:

  • Well, what do you know - event type, inserting events

…and on it goes

So can you blame me for scratching my head?

You have some naming issues.
How you use “Group Channels” to mention something else - what everybody else call buses.
TBH that might be a little more descriptive than the convention - and good for newcomer - but still.

I’m not all wired up correct yet…but I will get there.

Watch this Tutorial excerpt - especially @ 6:25