Many BlueScreen crashes

I never had so many BLUESCREEN crashes than since I was using Dorico. Just now I’ve rebooted from a BlueScreen crash where I was just playing around with the notes in a one-bar-one-staff Dorico project: Pushing notes around, inserting/deleting notes etc.

I cannot live with these crashes. They cost me a lot of time for rebooting and could damage my computer and my data. Please fix this in the next update. Thank you!

Windows 7 x64 SP1

Dorico isn’t officially supported on Windows 7.

If you get blue screen crashes that are not related to playback, maybe your graphics card or drivers are not compatible with Dorico.

Here we are again at incompetently blaming the users…

First, I’m also “a user” - I don’t work for Steinberg.

I’m not “blaming” anybody, just telling you a fact that you might have missed. On Dorico: Music Notation Software | Steinberg it says quite clearly “System requirements: 64-bit Windows 10”.

This incompetent and childish blame game makes me feel sick and increases my motivation to ask for a refund…

Firstly let me explain a little about Bluescreen crashes:
Bluescreen crashes when something inside the OS crashes. Applications aren’t permitted inside the OS – only drivers. 90% of bluescreen crashes are caused by buggy drivers. Applications call OS routines to do things like paint on the screen or play sound. The OS routines ask the drivers to do that. If an application crashes it will exit but the OS will continue. If a driver crashes then it takes everything down with it.

Ok, so why is it only Dorico that crashes?
Well, Dorico touches lots of different areas of the OS - soundcard, MIDI, display drivers, font handling, networking… It may be that we’re calling functions that none of your other applications call.

So what can I do about it?
First thing to try is the built-in support in Windows 7 - see the article here: What Is the Windows 7 Reliability Monitor And How to Get The Most Out Of It . If you do ‘Check for solutions’ then that will see if that particular crash is a known issue, and may point you to updated drivers.

If that doesn’t help then you could try a separate tool such as WhoCrashed (Resplendence Software - WhoCrashed, automatic crash dump analyzer) which will show you the driver that is misbehaving.

Paul, thank you for the information. I will try out the WhoCrashed tool.

My initial intention of starting this topic was just to give a feedback. I REALLY don’t want to make Dorico bad, as I know how much competent and intelligent work is behind such a project, and I praise Daniel and his team for that.