Many errors in the Score editor!

Cubes 11.0.20. Windows 10 64x

  1. The display of the notes does not match the settings.

    If in one bar notes are displayed correctly, in exactly the same notes fall into the cellar.

  2. When you open the score editor, all notes of the measure in all parts are stuck together to the first beat. You have to re-enter the editor.

  3. The cursor moves in the opposite direction during playback! That is, from right to left. You need to re-enter the editor several times for the error to go away. (You need to record this video. But I am a composer, not a video editor.)

  4. Notes under the stave. It helps, overloading the editor again.

  5. When adding a “words”, Cubes crashes.
    I am attaching a problem project
    Score Project (42.6 KB)

It will only be possible to understand what you’re saying if you show what your settings are for each staff, and what your expectation is.

Best to use this format: How to report a bug in Cubase

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The theme is designed according to the rules. Except for audio data, which is not in the project. And there are no problems with playing MIDI notes either. And if I did not have previous versions in which these glitches were not present, I would not complain. I had to work at Cubes 9 to deliver the project. There are no problems with the same settings.
But if somehow it can help, then here are the pictures:
In the starter, I added the project itself file.

To the first issue

The notes in the bass clef are assigned to the “Yamaha” system!

You can easily correct that:

I have not been able to reproduce Issue 2 - 4 so far.

What do you mean by a “words”?


Dear P.A.T, thanks for your help, you helped me a lot. On the other hand, I don’t understand how the notes got into the camp of another part without manipulation …
As to the “words”:

I see :wink:
I also use a lot of my own “words”, and luckily there are no crashes with me

Regarding your other issues, I suggest that you start Cubase in safe mode and check again your score.

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Well, with words, I was not lucky. Used English and constant crashes. I had to use the lyrics to clarify the arrangement. But in this case, how now to bring in the real lyrics of the song if needed? I tried to run safe mode, but the result is the same. There are no audio plugins in the project, there are no midi plugins either.
And what about the “stuck together” notes? Restarting the editor fixes this problem. But you need to go to the MIDI editor, which constantly makes the score editor run twice?