Many issues with Cubase 10 still?


I’m still rocking on Cubase 6, was very close to upgrading it to 9.5. Since Cubase 10 came out I decided to wait. Now when I see the issues forum about Cubase 10 there is a myriad of problems. I’m aware only people with issues will report, but I’m inclined to wait until it appears more solid.

I don’t want to take any chances, but that new alignment feature would be very welcome. Don’t underestimate my patience however. Cubase 10 will get better, I know. An exclusive upgrade price might just tempt me…

Honestly, I think it’s really user dependent. So far, Cubase 10 for me has been rock solid! The few issues I had were my issues. It seems to me that the issues may be plugin related and if that’s the case, the real problem is the plugins. This isn’t to say that Steinberg won’t find a solution as I’m sure they will. I used Cubase 6 too and let me tell you, you will love 10.

Just get the trial and test it out on your own system. Personally, it has been rock solid for me too.

That will be a long wait. I doubt there will ever be a time where any release is perfect on all systems. Also… waiting… not upgrading, means they have less budget. Unless you intend on jumping ship or are completely broke, upgrading should be a priority. Especially if we want to see the software we love improve.

These are mainly problems of workflow and/or user interface, not problems with stability. In this respect, Cubase 10 has been very stable for me, zero crashes, no freezes or the like. Just saying. Doesn’t mean everything is fine in Cubase 10 yet.

Good points. We will all have our own issues. Personally, for me, 6 was buggy, 7 was rock solid, 8 had me going crazy it was so bad for me, 9 was good and 10 is solid. I also encourage upgrades. I work with virtual instruments a lot and don’t like to bounce or render in place much. The fact that you can get to the audio controls so much faster and easier makes the upgrade to 10 worth it for me.

Unfortunately for me the lack of the extended right click menu has made C10 a no go.
I am hoping that will be addressed shortly in an update or I will be on 9.5 for the forseable.

Absolutely, even though I’m annoyed with the mess of the Transport Panel and the right-click toolbox, and therefore still also using C9.5, I upgraded to C10 for AAF alone and it has been rock solid and never crashed. You can upgrade and continue using C6 until you get used to C10.

Thanks for all the replies. To make the decision more difficult I can now upgrade to Nuendo for only 100 Euros more, choices…
Cubase 10 Pro or Nuendo, either choice should be good though. :smiley:


I’m as of today proud owner of Nuendo! The free upgrade to the next Nuendo made it an offer I couldn’t refuse.
Having missed changes since Cubase 6, I really like all the little improvements.

Steinberg is the best.

What are the issues?

As Anando stated. There are no issues here regarding stability. For me, it’s the GUI design change to the Transport Panel (F2) that is most annoying, and the right-click pop-up Toolbox in the project window got an unnecessary work over, which broke the ability to spread the icons over several lines.

why remove a right feature that i loved too??? why not give it as an option ?? Come On SB … U can do better than this …

Been a user of Cubase 10 Pro for a short while now. :slight_smile:

And although I haven’t used it much, due to my work commitments and as a hobby. I haven’t noticed any issues so far,and its been very stable,so I am very happy. :smiley:

Any DAW will have various issues, bugs etc and there will always be something to please or annoy people. Which makes each DAW unique

Of course I can understand , how some features, can be frustrating for people make a living from producing music via Cubase

But I am sure that the Steinberg team are working hard behind the scenes to fix issues,problems etc.I can’t begin to imagine the huge amount of work involved.

Its a case of being patient,for fixes and updates. Cubase 10 will get a lot better,with fixes and new features and improvements added very soon.

some issues, but lots of new features, and some features that were promised that soon should be released

As much as I (and a lot of us) gave Steinberg a pretty hard time over some of the C10 launch issues, they have come good with a lot of the requests and having used C10 for a while now I really am loving it. If anyone is a fan of house music, I mixed MK’s latest single Body 2 Body in C10.

Still some small things I would like added (a user definable sub folder in the context menu would be amazing) but on the whole it is IMHO the best Cubase has ever been. And I’ve been on it since 1995!

Biggest issue is elicenser crashing cubase

For you, perhaps. Think about it … if this were a widespread problem, nobody would be able to use the application.

it is pretty widespread, doesnt happened to all but happens to many, even for Steinberg representatives,
last 3 live streams by Greg Orlo on youtube, his cubase was crashing due to licenser issue,
he keeps doing that "repair licenses’ thing, but it still keeps happening.
during last stream I took a screenshot for proof

I haven’t had hardly any issues (no issues really) with 9 pro, but, 10 ? Yep, unfortunately :
#1) blip-gone : type of crash - twice - no warning at all…just gone…lost about 10 min of work the first occurrence.
#2) all open windows locking up and all plugin GUI’s come to the front : must be clicked closed and then all returns to normal.
#3) floating waveform issue in the audio editor : on zooming in, feels like I’m seriously drunk trying to place a waveform on the time like…just floats.

There are other minor annoyances, but, all-in-all there are no deal breakers. Variaudio is fantastic. The integration and functionality is worth the upgrade by itself imo. I used to say that Cubase is “rock-solid” stable, but, mm, no longer.