many questions and answers here in this thread..

i repeat: many questions and answers. i do not mean, about the bugs, and FR’s.
but about workflow, tips, advices, trics. (and of course when FR are implemtend, they can be added to:)

it would be nice to have an overview, in PDF.

why don’t i do it myself? lazy? o yes!

perhaps they can be used for the manual, as a examples or trics.

or a different, second PDF, that can be updated.

FWIW I’m trying to integrate as much as possible the Q/A here into the documentation revision (which will be updated about the same time patch 2 will be released). Not as a dedicated section or document, but through the documentation as notes in the appropriate sub-sections.

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that is the way, thanks! the manual will improve drastically, me thinks, in this way, makes spectralayers more accessible.

The documentation (both PDF and Online) has been updated. Check out the new feature from patch 2, the new section called The Importance of FFT Size, and many small fixes and clarifications throughout the doc.

Feel free to mention other areas that would need more details.