Map Grid Can No Longer Be Set Above 1/8 Notes

Hi there. I searched the forum and can’t find any similar issues posted, but maybe you’ve run into this bug or know what might be causing it and how to fix it.

I’m having a problem with all my projects/sessions in cubase artist 8. All of a sudden I can no longer set the map grid to anything shorter than 1/8 notes. It will let me select, for example, 1/16 etc, but the grid doesn’t change, it will just stay at 1/8.

I have tried restarting the application, restarting the PC, starting a new project/session, and haven t changed any preferences since last time I worked on something with this feature working properly. How do I fix this?

TIA for any help!

Hi and welcome,

Did you try to Zoom In? Sometimes, the grid doesn’t change visually (if there is no space any more). But you can move the Note/event according to the grid settings (not the visual one, but the real one).