Map MIDI controller to FX Track

I’m trying to map my MPK mini mkII knob potentiometer to an FX track. I want to control the automation with the knob on my MIDI controller. I have had a rough time searching for this information. I found this video, but it does not show how to do this, but instead the specific parameters within a specific insert. I want this for the entire chain I have created in the FX track.

Hi and welcome,

Focus to the Quick Controls in Cubas,e please.

In the Studio > Studio Setup go to the Quick Controls page. Here set the MIDI Input port to your MPK. Click to Apply (to make sure the MIDI port is accepted). Click to Learn and select the 1st Quick control and move your 1st knob. Then the 2nd, the 3rd, etc. Once all Quick Controls are assigned, click Apply and close the window.

Then add an Audio track. Open the Quick Controls tab and the plug-in. In the Quick control tab enable Learn mode and select the 1st Quick Control slot and move the GUI parameter of the plug-in. The GUI parameter is assigned to the 1st Quick Control now.

Thank you! Appreciate this…for some reason, I was never sent a notification of your reply. Anyhow I greatly appreciate this. All this said, I’ve learned a ton about Cubase in the last 1.5 years and I have concluded that it should try to do what Ableton does: super easy to map any parameter to one’s controller…it’s so basic that I’m surprised Cubase does not do this except in HALion.