Map several notes to trigger from one note


What would be the best way to trigger custom chords from one MIDI note?

In drum editor there is the ability to map multiple outputs to a single input, is there something similar for melodic MIDI stuff?

Another possibility may be chord track but I have never used this. Appreciate the advice thanks!

I’d suggest looking at using the Chorder Midi insert effect. You can use its “learn” function for unusual or exact chord voicings. In many cases the the Chord Track in conjunction with the very powerful Chord Pads is a great way to start a chord progression.

If you have Halionsonic SE or above you can drag chords from the chord track to the pads in the instrument and then use the “learn note” function to play the chords, or use the learn chord function to assign a specific voicing and then assign the pad to a midi note.

Of all those ways of doing that, I find I like the Chord Pads best since using those records all the MIDI notes, even from just clicking on the pads with the mouse while recording a midi track. Good luck.

Thanks for those tips!!

You’re very welcome. Also, I’d suggest experimenting with the Live Transform functions.

Also, don’t overlook “Chords to Midi” as I did for a long time. 1) Create a simple chord track, 2) create an instrument track and range of empty bars. Select the measure and, from the MIDI menu, or by right clicking on the track. select > chord track > chords to MIDI. Take care for now. :slight_smile:


Excellent I’ll check out that function