Mapping a mix controller to Cubase - I don't want it to map the FX Channels!

Hi guys,

After a bit of head scratching I’ve come here for some answers. So here goes my problem:

I’m using a mixing midi controller that has 8 faders + 1 master fader. I’ve basically mapped the 8 faders to tracks 1 to 8 in the Generic Remote Editor
and the master to stereo out. Everything works just fine when my project has 8 tracks + master but when my track has…let’s say only 4 track…the controller maps automatically to the remaining channels FX Channels and sometimes it even maps my first fader (which is supposed to go to Track 1)
to the Stereo Ins which is more frustrating. Oh, and sometimes it even maps a track fader to the Stereo Out instead of using the Master Fader.
It seems that the remote editor is very variable based on the tracks that I use.

My main issue is with those FX Tracks - I don’t want them to be considered as normal mixer tracks. I tried to hide them and the controller still maps to them when I use less than 8 channels.

Does someone have this problem? How can I lock the Remote mapping so that it doesn’t assign itself to FX tracks or stereo ins?

I must mention that I don’t really want to start my tracks using an 8 track template. I just prefer to add tracks on the fly based on the project’s flow and needs.

Cheers and thanks!