Mapping Assistant suggestions

This new addiction to Cubase is AWESOME!

A couple suggestions. Hopefully it’s already possible and I missed it.

  1. When I create a new control surface it’s not possible to rename the default page.
  2. Would be possible to add some visual feedback (just the name I was thinking) of the selected page (Mapping Page) for each controller? That visual is now present while working with the Midi Remote tab open.
  3. Would be possible to make factory midi controller script editable? Maybe just importing the script with a new name, so we could tweak it.
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Regarding bullet point #2, that would safe much real estate.
So, instead of looking like this:

It would look something like this, allowing user to focus on the project window:

Regarding bullet point #1 it would allow user to rename the default page (like for the already prepared factory scripts).

I’d add another bullet point:
4. Would be possible, under the the item properties, give the user the option to change CC?
That would allow user to upload a custom CC map (when controller has a software that allows it).

Adding another one.
5. The send panner: would be possible to add those under the “Selected Track” on the mapping window (function browser section). It seems panner are available only for the Cue Send at the moment.
I could right-click on the panner and select “Pick for MIDI REMOTE” but that parameter is added only on the “mixer bank” zone.

Here what it’s available at the moment:

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  1. Would be possible to decide the order of the mapping pages after having programmed those?
    Here’s just an example. :slight_smile:

The next one would be EXTREMELY helpful. If you have very limited time, could you please just read this #7. :slight_smile: @Matthias_Quellmann

It would help migrating to “Midi Remote” only and leave legacy pages behind. Also, it would expand quick controls making central on midi automations.

  1. When a parameter is set to “No Mapping” would be possible to give users to the possibility to set, on the “Item Properties” tab, the a midi output (i.e. channels and CC)?
    At the moment, it seems not possible to use Quick Controls to record midi automations (but only track automations).
    If we had that, we could just add an extra page (or more) to our controllers and still be able to use “learn MIDI CC Automation” within any VSTi. This would record automation in the midi editor and keep using the awesome addictions brought by C11 (i.e midi ramps), all with the same controller, clean as a whistle.

Was this by any chance already discussed?

Thank you very much for you time! Available to expand on the concept if needed.
Loving Cubase 12 Pro here. :slight_smile:

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You can edit this through a notepad (both created files in the directories), but I think it will not so difficult to have a real option here by the “Rename” menu.

Thank you very much doriosypos.
Have I understood correctly if I say you’re referring to both .json files inside this path “/Users/MyName/Documents/Steinberg/Cubase/MIDI Remote/User Settings”?

I gave it a try but I missed something. After taking a look to both files I did a research for the string “UserMappingPage”. I changed the name “Default” to “Quick Control Focus”. Now, going back to Cubase I see that the Default page got renamed successfully, but I got also an extra empty page with no mapping called “Default”.
Do you happen to know which strings should I change to remove that successfully?

Cubase\MIDI Remote\User Settings
Cubase\MIDI Remote\Driver Scripts\Local\ Your Vendor \Your Controller …