Mapping Groove Agent One

Hello there, I have an AKAI MPK mini midi controller and I want to map it with GA 1. I tried to do it via Generic Remote Control with the learn function but I can’t find a way to assign each pad. A little help will be appreciated!

Click the Apply button.

Verify the correct Midi Input is selected

Select a line in the upper pane.

Yeap everything works right with the knobs but not with the pads, they stay as they were before. In the second pane I select in Actions/Groove Agent One/Pad x/Pad x Attack, but I think that is for the attack knob not the NoteOn event. I can’t find a similar to NoteOn option. I need to mention that for the testing I use the DnB preset, maybe that comes in handy.

I assume you mean the upper pane lines.
I don’t have an MPK, but if the pads aren’t changing the entries in the upper pane, and the knobs are, the pads are either not sending or there’s another midi output on the device.

The pads are clearly sending, I can see the NoteOn in the upper pane. But i can’t assign the pads to the correct pads in the GA.

Well, hitting pads in Groove Agent is not a function of the Generic Remote.

Either change the GA pads to correspond with the MPK pads, or vice versa.

You can put a Midi Monitor midi insert on the channel so you can see what the MPK is sending. Right-click on the GA pads to select what note triggers it.

That worked. For some reason the right-click doesn’t always respond in the GA. Anyway thank you very much!