Mapping knobs of Yamaha MX49

Hey hey folks!

Sorry in advance if someone already answered this specifically, but I need a little help mapping out my controller knobs to Cubase

As I understand it, when I press DAW remote on the Yamaha controller, it shows LED displays of my knobs for each part. So here’s what I did:

Open program
—start empty project
——click Studio
———clickStudio setup
————go to Remote devices

From here all that I’ve seen is my Yamaha device, but nothing seems to involve mapping my knobs and buttons, so a tutorial video instructed me to click + up in the top corner and select Generic Remote and when the page opens to check the Learn Box. From here I am lost.

On my Keyboard side, when I hit the DAW remote button, it then shows a series of numbers next to the knobs that say CC#. Certain knobs have effects like volume, panning and treble adjusting, but others do not seem to make an effect on the VST instruments I select when I open a new track. I’ve tried checking the regular owners manual and the operator manual but nothing seems to make a clear description of what helps me specify certain effect for certain buttons/knobs.

Another post I followed said to check for something called “transform” or “transport”, but I am not finding that specifically.

I could use some specific guidance


Select the MIDI Input, then click Apply to make sure the input has been applied. Then you can use MIDI Learn function.

Didn’t solve the issue

When I select the MIDI input to Yamaha MX series 1.

Under the control name column It shows 16 faders, 16 Pan, 16 mute, and to send categories 1–16.

Under the MIDI status each control says controller, except for faders 1–4 which say note on.
Under the MIDI status each control says controller, except for faders 1–4 which say note on.

First four faders are assigned somehow to channel 1 and the rest are assigned to channels 1–16,

The first four channels in order for address see the numbers 65, 60, 56, and 61

Max value for each control is 127

And each flag says R,

I checked the learn box, and hit apply.

But on my keyboard controller under the, all of the four knobs say *No Assi" when I press DAW remote. And while the program shows that it’s receiving Data in the bottom corner, no sound is generated from my computer


Could you attach the screenshot, please?