Mapping more then 8 midi controllers? / Quick Controls

Hi chaps,

I’ve discovered Quick Controls, and, although it seems quite useful, there’s a couple of things i’m struggling to get my head around.

Firstly, am i correct in thinking that in Cubase 8.5, you can use a total of 8 knobs, sliders, or other hardware midi controllers and no more? Because in the Devices > Device Setup you can only map 8 controllers.

But, for example, my Akai MPK49 has a total of 16 knobs and sliders (not to mention many buttons), but i can’t use all of these in Cubase, right? If this is not correct, could someone please give me a pointer as to how to map all 16 knobs / slider from my Akai in Cubase?

Or, imagine, for example you wanted to map 16 hardware midi faders to your 16 track volume controls to achieve a sort of hardware mixer control surface, how would you achieve that?

And my second question: could someone please explain to me the difference between “Track quick controls” and “VST quick controls” in the Devices > Device set-up menu?

Many thanks…J


There are two different Quick Controls, a general one and an Instrument. Every single one can handle 8 controls. So you could have up to 16 controllers mapped as QuickControls. 8 of them are for the VIs, 8 of them are for plug-ins in general.

Track Quick Controls can be used for just about anything on a particular track, including channel settings, MIDI parameters, and parameters belonging to instruments on that track. VST Quick Controls are for instruments in the instrument rack specifically. You can assign 8 of your knobs to Track QCs and the other 8 to VST QCs.
QCs can be VERY handy. Read the manual for more details.