Mapping notes from midi accordion to virtual instrument


I have a Roland midi accordion that I have connected to my pc and want to use with a virtual accordion instrument (Best Service Accordion) in Cubase 9.5. The problem is to make mappings between the chord-buttons on the accordions left side, and the corresponding chord at the virtual accordion instrument.

When I press a chord button on the accordions left side, there are generated 3 single midi notes that are sent to Cubase. To make the corresponding chord at the virtual instrument, I have to send one single note to the virtual accordion instrument. In the manual from Best Service, they have the following note definition for the bass/chord sounds

C1-B1 Bass Notes
C2-B2 Major Chords
C3-B3 Minor Chords
C4-B4 7th Chords
C5-B6 Diminished Chords

I need a way to receive 3 midi notes from the chord button on my accordion, analyze what type of chord it is, and map it to one single note that could be sent to the virtual instrument for a matching chord to be played. If I press C major button on my accordion, the notes C3, E3 and G3 will be sent to Cubase. I need them converted to just a C2 to cause my virtual instrument to play a C-major chord.

I have tried to look at midi transformation function and chord functionality in Cubase, but cannot see any solution there. It would be much easier to do it the other way, to make a chord out of one single note…

Does anybody here have any tips or suggestions for plugins that can help me to make the correct mapping between my left accordion handside and my virtual accordion instrument? I have tried to see if it’s possible to avoid sending 3 notes from my Roland’s chord buttons, but cannot see that it is possible

I appreciate all kind of thoughts and tips

Best regards

If this can be done, it would be set up with the Input Transformer. But honestly, I don’t think it would be possible.

In order to help you do that, the note numbers and the channels they are sent on are needed. But this sounds like an endeavor that would send you down the proverbial rabbit hole from which you would emerge a very old person, if you emerged at all. :wink:

Don’t Roland accordions have different modes for the the chord and bass buttons? The chords function you describe in the VST instrument is there to mimic accordion buttons, but you have the facility built into the accordion.

There are different modes for the setup of bass and chords on the Roland accordion, but the different modes seems to control just how many rows used for bass buttons (max 3), and how many for chords. In addition I can select between different standards for what chords that are linked to the different buttons. But I’m afraid the chords always will send 3 notes anyway what mode I choose. All bass buttons use one separate midi channel, and all chords use another separate midi channel, but I have still the same problem I think. Inside the Roland accordion, everything sounds correctly, but the sound in my virtual accordion on my pc is far preferable, so I decided to do a lot of efforts to connect my Roland to my virtual instrument. But I’m afraid this will be too complex if I cannot find a way to fix it on my Roland.