mapping old waves 5 plug insto new waves 8?

Hi all

just been asked to resurrect an old theatre show done in N4 with waves V5 plug ins. I now have N5 and Waves V8.

Is there a way to map all my sends/inserts that use waves plugins, for example Trueverb (V5) to load as Trueverb (V8)? I’m getting “missing plugins” or the “!!!” symbol in the fx or insert slot.

Could do it a channel at a time but I’ve a lot of cues to sort out so I’m hoping there’s a quick way.



interesting, if i open a n4 project with older waves versions it opens without issue in n5. can you post up the project (no audio) and i’ll see if it works here.

Thanks Max that’s very good of you.

I’ll do that. I’m away from the studio on location til Monday so I’ll post then.

Definitely not loading my plug ins. All the ones used in the N4 sessions come up in the drop down FX list under the “missing plug ins” heading. All current FX including the Waves V8 plug ins are all correctly listed as you’d expect.
More info. It’s a new computer now too so maybe all the directory paths are different This is a show from 2007.



i don’t work on mondays but email the project file to me and i’ll look at it first thing tuesday.

max at redfacilities dot com