Mapping Oxygen controller in C6

I have done a lot of searching for this and I finally figured it out. For everyone that wonders. In order to get all the faders and knobs to work with the oxygen 61 in C6 you have to first install the DirectLink for cubase 5 software. Then copy the DLL file from the Cubase5\components to the Cubase6\components folder. Under Device setup, click the “+” sign and select “Oxygen xx”. Under MIDI input, select “Oxygen xx”. Finally, on your Oxygen controller, press the “select> +” button until “P10” is displayed. Done. All faders and knobs are controlling “faders and pan” respectively for tracks 1-8.


Are you using the latest personality? I only ask because it is somewhat new and I thought they fixed it to recognize Cubase 6 and install properly.