Mapping Pages to VST3 Plugins

Hey good folks with a lot of knowledge,
I just bought a Rocksolid Micro 3 MIDI controller, to control plugins (If it is possible to control Cubase functions in addition, it could increase the usefulness)
As this controller has many more than 8 encoders, this USE case will NOT be suitable for Quick Control!
I have NOT used the Remote Control Editor or the Function Browser.

Micro 3 is an encoder/switch controller. Each encoder and switch has its own MIDI CC number; rotary encoders: CC# 1 to CC# 36, and switches are from CC# 37 to 59.

The Micro 3 shows up in: Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Port Setup, and everything is correct there. I have created a profile of Rocksolid - Micro 3 in the MIDI Remote Manager. I have then mapped two plugins in the Mapping Assistant, one in each Page.

The plan is to map many more of my plugins, one to each Page.

All this seems fine, but one problem remains:
• How can I automatically retrieve the correct Page for the Active/In focus Plugin?

tl;tr :wink: Post over

I have mapped some plugins, one plugin for each Mapping Page.

Does anyone know of a Cubase function, macro or script I can use to get a ‘Plugin in Focus’ to open the correct Mapping Page?

Is this even possible?

Thanks for any help,