Marcato guidance needed

I realise that marcato is a dynamic instruction and that there’s a marcato symbol I should add above individual notes in order to give them more emphasis. I’m currently using an OT library that contains marcato long and marcato short articulations, but I’m not confident that I know how to feature these in Dorico. Note condition can certainly be used to differentiate long from short in playback mode but how does the marcato dynamic symbol link to the playback techniques I have available for marcato?

This is exactly what the Expression Maps do: link notation to the controls that the sample library wants.

Firstly, I wouldn’t necessarily assume that you need to map every ‘articulation’ in the SINE instrument. (I have OT libraries with 6 different sustains, for instance.)

But yes, in the Expression Map, there is a Marcato technique: add it with the plus button – and you could set two entries, one for short notes and one for longer ones.

(FWIW, I’ve found that Dorico works best when your duration ‘logic’ covers all possibilities, e.g. <= Short and >=Medium. Don’t just do == Medium and not have settings for larger values.)

That’s interesting because when I make a popover for marcato it’s totally ignored whereas using the symbol on each note I seem to hear a greater accent. Certainly the more exotic articulation descriptions I tend to ignore unless I can select something similar, for instance using flautando for soft sustain articulations. But as you can tell I’m still in my learning curve with Dorico. And yes I’m gradually getting up to speed with note conditions. Not perfect yet but getting there. I note your comment about having note condition settings for longer note values. Currently working on CineBrass ex maps.

Do you mean create a Playing Technique, or just apply the existing one?

PlayING Techniques (which show in the score) have a setting for which PlayBACK Technique they use; the latter is what is defined in the Ex Map.

I can’t see any distinction between the Marcato Playing Technique and the Articulation marking.

Once I’ve defined a Marcato Base in the Exp Map, I get this for both of them:



for short vs long, what I’d do is first add a note-length condition to the default marcato entry in your xp map, then second, duplicate it and reverse the condition so that one is for short and one for long.


Do you meant the marcato text instruction? That one has a handle on it to cover more notes, or best if you have a passage selected before using the popover and the handle then will extend from the instruction over all of them. I am not saying it is best practice, but I use that to avoid a bunch of visually distracting marks for more than a few notes.

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That makes sense. I’ll try that. Thank you

Ah! I see what you mean. Thank you

OK. I’ll try that. Thank you.