Marcato playback length not working correctly?


I am on Dorico 3.5.11.
I have been trying to adjust the playback length of marcato notes. First, I tried it in Expression Map. There is a length percentage adjustment there, however, it did not work at all.
Luckily, I found a forum post said that I should adjust the playback length in Playback Option, which works. However, I found out that the marcato one did not work correctly. When I set it at 50% of the written duration, it adjusts the playback to about 75% of the note duration. I will attach a picture to show the result on my computer when I set the duration at 50%.



I keep experimenting with it and found out that, the marcato playback percentage set in Playback Option and Expression Map->Length seems to adjust the percentage of a the second half of my note. I put a quarter note there, so the percentage only affect the second half of the note length. So when I set it to 50%, it only shorten the half of 8th note, which result in a 75% of the total note length. This, however, is performed correctly in staccato. When it is set to 50%, the result is 50% of the total length of the note. Thanks!

I believe this is as intended, aztic. Several of these adjustments are made in a tempo-dependent way, which enforces an upper limit on the amount by which they can lengthen or shorten notes. I forget the precise details, but I believe the maximum effect is limited to the played duration of a quarter note at 120 bpm.

Mmm, got it. Thanks for your explanation, Daniel.

I feel it is a little bit inconvenient and not as straightforward as it is (since in Playback Option it is says “Play as % of written duration”) And if I can adjust it as I wanted (without restriction) in Expression map according to different sample libraries, that would be very good. (Or I have to adjust it manually everytime.) So, maybe we can have more flexibility in Expression Map side?

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply!