Marching Percussion (Snare)

Is it possible to enter marching snare parts on a full 5-line staff without creating a kit? I’m using VDL so the marching snare patch includes all the accessories and stuff I need, but one line (and the space above/below) isn’t enough space to distinguish them (e.g. separate right and left hand rim shots, on rim, ride cymbal, etc. all use the same notehead and need to be on separate staff positions).

I don’t see an option unless I’m missing something, and since all the sounds are in the same patch and set up in the same Percussion Map, setting up a kit seems silly.


Also, in VDL, glockenspiel and xylophone parts are already transposed in the patches. Is there a way to remove the transposition in Dorico so they play in the correct octave?

Can you reset the transposition either in the HALion Player or via an Expression Map?

Jeremy, you will indeed need to use a percussion kit. The existing marching snare drums kit you can choose from the instrument picker should be a decent starting point, since it was designed to work with the VDL snares auto RL patch. To handle octave transposition, you can indeed take care of that using an appropriate expression map.

Thanks for the expression maps tip. I’ll give the percussion kit a try, but I was hoping to not have to do all that work when everything I need is in one patch. The issue is one line’s just not enough space to fit everything.