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I came across this thread: Is there a read-only mode? - #4 by xii .

I am in the same situation as the original poster: I would like to write the piece on the Mac, and then mark the file as read-only to prevent accidental changes to the iCloud sync’d copy on the iPad. The Menu > Read on the iPad does not help as I cannot play the piece in that mode.

I may be running into the limitation of the free versions. If so, that’s alright – even the free versions are really nice for what I am doing – but just wanted to make sure that I am not missing some step or setting.


There’s no way in Dorico to lock a file, but you can do it in the Finder, using Get Info.

Hello Ben,
Of course you can make a file read-only to prevent it from being corrupted by Dorico-for-Ipad.
Very cumbersome. You also have to restore it if you want to edit it.

You can also create a second version of a file and keep your original that way.
All those different (or not) versions do not make it any clearer.

There are undoubtedly many more options to address this problem.
They’re all just workarounds.

The problem is in Dorico-for-Ipad itself: Autosave.
It is not possible to decide for yourself whether and when you want to save; no save, save-as or no-save option.

Just opening a file causes it to be immediately overwritten.
This makes the last modified date/time meaningless. That is very annoying for my workflow.

The argument that it just works that way on an iPad is non true.
I use a lot of apps on the iPad that don’t have autosave and where you can decide for yourself if and when you save.
A few examples: ForScore, iReal Pro, GraphPad, mSecure, Bitwarden, Hue, Scaler 2 and Home Assistant.

An autosave function itself is certainly useful if it is designed in the form of versioning.
You can then decide whether and when to save, but still go back to an earlier version if something goes wrong.

I’m very excited about Dorico on my iMac and use it a lot.
Unfortunately, I no longer use Dorico-for-iPad.
If autosave on Dorico-for-iPad is turned off or becomes switchable, I will be the first to use it again.

Unfortunately for Adil, there is no good solution to his problem (yet)

Groet, Marien

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