Mark Tree Glissando?

Hi, I’m trying to re-create this:
Can anyone give me a clue on how to achieve it please?

Thanks, Ian

The notehead can be changed by right-clicking on the notehead and picking a suitable replacement from the context menu (I imagine one of the diamond ones will work). You may then want to scale it using the properties panel (ctrl+8, then scale) because I’m pretty sure none of those are big enough by default. The text you can do with Shift+x.

The only tricky part is the gliss because glisses, at least to my knowledge–I could be wrong about this and would be happily corrected, or, at the very least, shown a more efficient way–have to be attached to two notes, not just one. So here’s what I’d do (and like I said, there could be a better way, but this will work):

  1. If you’re in 4/4, put a 4/3 quarter notes tuplet on beat 1.
  2. Put a 4/1 quarter notes tuplet on beat 4.
  3. Put your whole note that starts the gliss on beat 1.
  4. Put a whole note to end the gliss on beat 4.
  5. Select the tuplet 4’s that show over your whole notes. Ctrl+8, set the number to not show.
  6. Select your second whole note. Ctrl+8, open color panel, set alpha channel to 0 (Windows) or opacity/transparency/whatever it is on Mac to none or full or whatever makes that note disappear.
  7. Tweak gliss in Engrave Mode.
    mark tree.JPG

Thanks very much for taking the time to give such a detailed answer. Apologies my post was rather short and not really as descriptive as it should have been, but it is the gliss that was causing me the problems. Having not used Dorico much, and seeing how it needs to be implemented, I don’t feel quite so bad now for not knowing the answer myself :slight_smile:

Thanks again,


Just to add that this workaround certainly works for pitched percussion, however it does not appear to work for the ‘official’ Mark Tree instrument which is un-pitched (unless I am doing something wrong). I can live with that for now though.

[Edit] Change that, I have just found that it does not seem to work if the percussion is part of a kit, otherwise it does seem to work.