Marker - bug?

When I create a new marker, with video attached to the flow, Dorico changes the numbers I write into the timecode-field. If I try to create the marker automatically with the shortcut, it places the marker in a different spot. See screenrecording, and notice the keystrokes vs the actual numbers appearing in the dialogue. The resulting marker is not placed at the desired spot. In this case it jumps 10 minutes ahead.

Despite the fact you’ve selected a note at 02:23:51:01, the valid range starts at 02:24:00:21, which I suspect is the playhead position. By the looks of things you can’t type a timecode value that is earlier than the current playhead position. I have no idea whether this is intended behaviour.

Yes, I noticed that. So, I need to place the playhead at the spot I want, hence not possible from Write Mode, but rather in Play Mode? Strange, because it is a feature from the panel in Write…

No, just hit Alt-P (the stock shortcut for move playhead to selection) before hitting Shift-Alt-M. You should then find that if you then hit Enter the marker will go in the right place.

Ah, great! Thanks:-)