marker / easy naming feature not in WL 9 Pro ?


was that easy naming feature from wavelab 6,7,8 Pro deleted in Wavelab 9 ?!?

I need that since years 10x per day… can please anybody check this ?

with that old CMD + R shortkey i was able to create and name the start and end point of 2 markers

…here you see the easy naming process:

and i have attached 2 screenshots of the WL 8 and 9 Pro menues that shows that there is missing das command in 9

Im working on OSX…
wavelab 9 missing key command.png
wavelab 8 key command.png

how can i name the start and end markers in WL 9 Pro with one step ?

is there a way with the stack processing ? i tried it but the start and end markers get then different names

for exmaple message01 for start marker and message02 for end marker and so on… but start and end markers but have the same names

It was called “Create/Name Region from Selection” in Wavelab 8. I think you’ll have to ask this as a feature request, unless I’m just not seeing it in Wavelab 9. I only see Create different kinds of regions from selection, without naming.
WL9 Create from Selection.png

The function can be found in the insert tab.
Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.21.29.png

Also look at this in WaveLab 9.0.35