Marker Filter-Search in Marker track manager window

This would be - very - very- useful… if someone has 100+ markers in a project


Search would be good, if somehow all Markers across all Marker Tracks could be searched in one window. So +1 to that, if that’s what you meant…

Meantime, the recent ability for spreading those Markers across several Marker Tracks has been a very helpful addition (via Nuendo) from SB.

I was thinking just active markers, but perhaps the project browser could be updated to be able to have an overview/search function of all markers.

Or perhaps, Marker Manage window could have a feature to ‘Show all markers’ , it would be useful to have a attribute column that displays the marker track name to be able to differentiate if needed.

Yes - now you’ve got it… something along those lines… :slight_smile:

… and could multiple marker tracks be selected for export?

could marker track names be added to export scheme attributes

yes search markers would be SOOO handy

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That would be very useful! :slight_smile: