Marker ID

Hello guys , after some searching i could not find the solution.
I try to chance the Marker ID’s for numbers , to a specific name.
Like Intro , Bridge …

I can double click and and type a new name , but when i press enter it change back to a number.
Can someone help me with this ?

Grtz and pos vibes

You can’t replace the Marker IDs with text, you can only substitute numbers.
Open the Markers Window and give your markers a description (i.e. name), You can reorder the columns if you wish.
In the Marker Prefs you can specify if the ID numbers should be shown on the marker track.

You can create a Marker Track and add a description to each marker that will show in the project window. It took me a while to see the scroll bar in the Inspector window to get to it.

I previously used markers to show song structure, but recently I have been doing it differently.

What I do now, is to create an new audio track, and then use the pencil to draw in an event that is the number of bars of the song section. I then rename the event in the status bar to “Verse” “Chorus” , whatever else etc. The visibility is MUCH better, you can colour each event differently, and you can copy/paste for repetitions.

In free improvisation piece, I used the same method to flag transitions, buildups etc. for the early stages of overdubbing whilst the piece was taking shape. For me it’s MUCH better than markers because of the visibility.

You might also have a look at the arranger track.
Even if you have no intention of creating different arrangements, it might be useful for what you’re doing.

This is a very clever idea! It’s not something that I would have thought of myself. I now use it in conjunction with markers so that I can quickly jump from one section to another while enjoying increased “visibility”. Cheers…

That’s what I used to use, before I found out that markers can have names and colours.

To colour markers:

To name markers:

  1. Select the marker.

  2. Click and edit the marker ID to the required text, under the Name title, in the info line.

Yes you’re right, I missed that, but when you do this renaming, can you still use the Keypad controls (or marker controls on the transport) to navigate to them as before?

Wouldn’t feel bad about that one. I missed it for years, or however long it was available! :frowning:

Re use of keys, don’t know. I tended to use the mouse to select markers, except the left and right ones.

Yes. The marker number is still associated with the marker, it just also has a name too.

When recording (myself) I’m not usually sitting at the desk and I use a remote keypad for control, so tend to rely on jumping to different marked sections. No problem if I don’t rename them - all is as usual. It’s just a pity the name and ID are one and the same, would have been nice if the name was a separate attribute which simply received the ID as default, but could be renamed without any adverse affect on internal use of the system ID.

Missed your post Raino (posting at the same time), I’ll definitely have to look into that.

I just checked and it’s called Description and not Name. It can also be edited directly on the Info Line if the Marker is selected. It ends up looking like this so you can read both the number and name.

5: Bridge

I have a bunch of them for Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus 1, etc. pre-populated in my templates so I can just drag them to the right position on the Marker Track. That also means the same Marker ID references the same part of the song structure in different projects.

But I think you’ll find that BriHar’s idea is better - more flexible. I also suspect it might use less overhead. (I used to use empty MIDI tracks for this until Arranger ones came out).

But whichever way you decide on, be aware that selecting the part(s) you’re working on and pressing Shift-G will automatically set a loop running. A very handy shortcut (and built-in iirc).

Markers are still very useful for skipping about without having to stop-start so don’t ignore them completely.

Another thing I find useful for this kind of thing (if you’re not doing it already!) is putting your Marker/Arranger tracks in a split window so they’re always visible.

Aha, that’s what I’ve been doing up 'til now :laughing: as alluded to in my first reply in this thread.

Thanks a lot guys for the input.
Really useful idea’s

I admit I was lazy, and rather than reboot to get to Cubase, I looked in the Op Man. :frowning:
Well, at least it was in the right place! :smiley:

Both the number and description can be edited (I actually checked :smiley:), though the numbers for new markers will backfill holes in the numbering. That is, if you have a 1 and a 3, a new marker will be given 2.

Glad I could be of any help here. :slight_smile:

Yeah the ability to edit numbers is useful because if you click with a pencil in the Marker Track it use the first unused number for that marker. I typically start my markers with ID 3, since keypad 1 & 2 go to the locators. So if I draw in a marker it’s always ID 1, which I have to change.

I suppose I could change the key commands for the locators and use 1 & 2 for markers. But I wonder how long it would take too retrain myself not to lunge for 1 & 2 - I’m guessing 2 years minimum and 7 years max (OK 9 at the very most). :confused: