Marker key commands

I have some recordings of natural ambiance and wanted to just listen to it casually while working on other things and quickly use a key command to put markers in places where there was a sound or sounds that I was interested in using later. I don’t use markers much but made the assumption that there was a key command for “add marker”. Now I’m not seeing one.

I see “insert Marker” under transport but that doesn’t seem to do anything when I try the key command. I also see “set marker” 1 through 9, but I’ll need way more than 9 markers.

This may seem like a minor gripe but is there no way to just add markers sequentially with a key command? Any advice will be very much appreciated.

Try this:

  • Add a marker track
  • Use insert key to add markers at cursor position
  • Use ‘To Marker X’ key command to recall markers higher than 9

This works well, thank you stingray!