Marker track can't be renamed.

1-Create an empty Project
2-Add Markertrack
3-Doubleclick on the Nametag
4-Type in the new name
5-Hit Enter.

This was successfully reproduced by another member of this community.

System >

Cubase 8.0.3 on Win 10 Pro / 64Bit

CPU i7-4790
UR22 Audio Interface
Full Vienna Symphonic Library & Software


Marker tracks cannot be renamed, it is not a bug it is by designed. It is a marker track and you can only add one… Why would you need to rename it?
If any, you can post a thread in the feature request forum explaining why would you need to rename the markers track for a name except markers…
It has never been posible to rename the marker track by the way.

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I want to rename it because for some Reason, mine was named after a Midi-File i used for Mixing/Preparing purposes. What works one way, should work the other way in my opinion. Plus, if u doubleclick the name, it gives you the option to change the name… which leaves me wondering why it should not be possible.

And now i’m stuck with a “copyright by…” in a Project that contains only my own music and needs to be delivered to the customer.

Picture of my (not so) Markertrack >

So, accpting your statement, that it indeed was not planned to have a renameable markertrack, i am still in desperate need of a workaround.


And what happens if you delete the marker track and then add it again?
I think the bug goes the other way around, if you import a MIDI track it renames the marker track…

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Deleting and re-adding does not affect the trackname.

Importing a new Midi-track does not affect the marker either.


I have imported many different MIDI files and none of them have renamed the markers track… I have tried brand new projects, on an existing project, nothing, It looks like it was just that one file that did that.
It is true that if you cannot rename the markers track the possibility of entering text should not be there, I will add it to the feature request list.

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