Marker track import crashes n12

Tried to import some notes on a marker track via the Import>Tracks from Project. Selected marker track and Nuendo 12 crashes hard.



I had the same issue. I mainly work in ADR sessions and use marker tracks all the time.
Since version 12 the user has the ability to show marker attributes of chosen marker track in the playlist. Unfortunately Nuendo 12 crashes if you have “wrong” symbols in your attributes, that Nuendo can’t read and want to show it in your playlist.
Was hard for me to figure out since I restarted Nuendo with the saved program settings which remember your preferences for the Attributes as well.

In my case I imported the “corrupt” marker track, which by default is set to show Marker-Attribut Dialogue in my playlist → instant crash.

So my tip is to check your markers for any unreadable symbols or check the Marker Attributes and show “none”.

Hope that helps!



Thanks! Very helpful! Since these notes where meant as feedback on a project it would have probably have some weird punctuation like exclamation marks etc…
i think that should be possible since they are notes and that’s what a marker track is for right?
I’ll sent a mail to SB.

Ur welcome! :slight_smile:
Yeah I have to check what symbol caused the crashes in our case. But I think it was not something out of the ordinary (%,& or so).
We also sent them a crash report with all information. Hopefully they fix that. :wink: