Marker Track in Musical Mode with Paste Time not working as expected

Hi. Small issue.

If you are pasting part of your timeline in earlier in you session, before markers that are on a Marker Track set in Musical Mode, these markers won’t be moved correctly.
I believe the marker on the Musical Mode track is moving accordingly to the timecode of its bar number of a specific tempo. Which means if you paste in a timeline with a tempo that’s not the same as the one under the marker, it will change its timecode.

How to replicate:

  • Create two Marker Tracks and a Tempo Track.
  • Create two MIDI tracks for reference.
  • Set one of each of the tracks to Musical Mode, the other two to Linear Mode
  • Set a tempo change at Bar 4
  • Create a marker on each Marker Track at Bar 8. Do the same for the MIDI as a reference
  • Do a Global Copy of Bar 1-2.
  • Paste it to the beginning of your timeline.


  • The marker on the Musical Mode track has moved differently then all other events.

Expected result:

  • All events should be lined up with each other.

I’ve included a video showing the process and bug:

Best regards, Jesper