Marker track labels

I find the marker track really useful, creating cycle markers for each section of the song; eg Intro, Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus 1 etc

Currently when I do this the label shown on the marker track shows the “ID” number of the marker at the beginning of the label so that I see “1 Intro” “2 Verse 1” “3 Verse 2” “4 Chorus1” etc.

This reduces the clarity of the labels.

Is there anyway to get rid of the prefixed ID numbers showing up?


And only have an assigned name?

Correct; I just want to see the name of the markers.

It works here in 5.01 version. I use it all the time. I put a marker track in the first track and split the screen. That way the marker doesn’t move. Maybe it got broken in a later version.


Hi Gary, there’s no problem with the marker track not being visible; it’s the text that is shown on the section (cycle) markers. I want the labels to show “Verse” and “Chorus” rather than “1 Verse” and “2 Chorus” etc